The interactive, mobile platform built to turn mass marketing into smarter messaging.


Our brains ignore 99% of the 5,000+ ads we see on average per day.


We simply aren't interested in apples when we're craving a pizza.

The Result

Millions of dollars wasted on poorly timed messaging.

Enter Tapple

The only on-demand content platform that lets your audience access the right message at the right time via QR code and geolocation.

  • Effortless Sales: Empower consumers to make decisions even if you aren't there to help
  • Behavioral Insights: Receive real time analytics on when, where, and how people are viewing your content
  • Improved Brand Loyalty: Stop missing out on what your audience is thinking with instant feedback delivered directly to your inbox


Unleash your content, your way.

No App to Download

Tapple is app-less so there's nothing to download to view content

Experience Publisher

Mold exclusive content for your target audience with videos, pictures, links and more

Form Builder

Create custom forms to grow your email list and capture key data


Drop your content at a location for others to access when nearby


Gain behavioral insights by understanding how, when and where consumers access your content

Custom QR Codes

Customize your QR Codes to fit your style and your brand

Smart Delivery

Want to offer coffee when it’s cold and lemonade when it’s hot? Tapple can do that.

Content Security

Limit who can access your content with a passcode, email or mobile number validation

Tapple At A Glance

Create multimedia content that can be adjusted in seconds online.

Instant Contact. Limitless Opportunities.


Curious who is (or isn't) opening your mailers?


Craving real time feedback from customers or employees?


Trying to cram a big message into a small space?

physical space

Looking to streamline your customer experience?


Want to reach more consumers with fewer salespeople?


Tired of repeating messages that no one seems to hear?

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